Well, my name is Stefani and I love writing! I also love producing music and singing too. Of course I love reading and learning new things. Lately I travel a lot, hence I enjoy going places. I’m from the U.S. But currently am moving back and forth between my home and Sweden, as my Fiance lives there. We both work on music, but lately I’ve been missing my passion for writing.. I used to have a blog I called “Three small worlds”, dedicated to documenting my love for the American culture I grew up in, my native Hispanic culture I was raised to appreciate be proud of and never forget, and my then obsession with anything Japanese culture related!! Now that I am way much older ( I was 16 back then ), I still hold a very special place for all of the cultures that have been in my life and all the others that have come to fascinate me with the years.

Other aspects of my life that are really dear to me are style, skin care, makeup, reading and video games. (yep)

Five VERY saturated subjects in today’s media. I know that blogging has been very popular even till this time and as you may have noticed I enjoy many activities in my life. I’m also a very busy person dealing with many new “adult responsibilities” as so is everyone. If I write this blog just for me, its fine.. As long as I fill it with useful information about these many subjects / activities that I enjoy so much and that I know many others do too! So I don’t see why not. Not even because I may not be a pro. I will still try to learn and investigate and inform as much as I can about these subjects. But if someone else does end up enjoying what I document in here, then welcome!! The meaning behind the name of my blog “The Vela Reader”, is mainly focused on the word “Vela” (ve-la) which is Spanish for “Candle”, and that word brings about the effect of a candle when its lit, it gives out a light which enables us to see. Its considered a metaphor in so many ways and for the meaning of my blog.  I still don’t have a set posting schedule, but I will try to post a new article at least twice a month, as I fit this blog in with my music and private life. Growing this blog is a goal, but of course, not the main goal. I plan to enjoy writing every article and sharing it with everyone! Cheers! 😉