A new direction in 2018!

This year I aim to give my site all the effort I can, the best in me because I have seen it give me results and I have simply enjoyed it for a whole year, since it allows me to write which I enjoy way too much! Not just my site, but in my well being, my skin, and daily routine too! This means trying new products, building new healthy habits on top of the ones I picked up last year, and focusing on looking at life as if anything is possible!

On what concerns this website, Skincare will be more present, rather than makeup, because I have finally realized (not just cuz I am 25 now) how much more important it is. Glossier is a brand who’s main motto has taught me that healthy skin is important for a fresh and flawless makeup look. Because of that, makeup has really taken a back spot, that I rarely visit much today. So I don’t always wear it every time I go out, and that is SUCH a relief! I feel like I have grown up a little more because of this website, and glossier, and I am so thankful! But its time to give more/different products a spotlight in my site, and I cant wait to start sharing them with you!👋😘

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