Cold winter NO dry sky skin!💧

There’s just no excuse for your skin to go through hell this winter! So here I will list a few moisturizing favorites that many swear by and that you should be trying! Because believe it or not, moisture is the key to keep your skin looking beautiful, plump, glowing, and youthful!

First off I believe that getting dry skin is a good excuse to get the latest scented lotions from Bath & Body Works! Like, you can’t just spend an hr in there trying out everything and not get something.. Even when atm you can buy 3 body care items and get 3 free! 

Right now scented anything is very important! Yet scents are also something to keep in consideration with the loved ones around you. Having said that, My fiance and I both really love anything that smells of citrus! So I’m glad to have found a body oil that I recently found online! Its the Aveda Tangerine oil. Not only smells beautiful, but leaves skin with such a natural softness!

How can I not mention Glossier’s own Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream! (to me) another wonderful citrusy scent with an extra bit of glowyness! (to me again) It’s a bit thick, but I like that about it! Swedish winters are painfully cold and harsh on my skin. The air outdoors and even indoors with the heater on, makes me get very itchy. The scratch marks I have on the back of my right hand is reason enough to write this post about how important constant moisture is! Thing is I have been back and forth with so many other oils and lotions, I forget how long lasting this one is and how its honestly all one needs for full body moisture!

Laura Mercier Amre Vanille honey bath. Just think about those words..! This is something I want to try out myself! Basically its a yummy bubble bath that leaves you with reallyyyy soft skin.. Simply a relaxing & luxurious way to moisturize!

By now, you may know where I’m going with this. Staying moisturized this winter is very essential to not get itchy dry skin with red scratch marks. I will leave you with a few other honorable mention products below to keep moist, plus my glossier rep link to get anything glossier 20% off!

As always, thank you for taking time to read! 👋😘

Avene Tolerance Extream cream

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Cera-Ve Daily Moisturizing Lotion

balm Dotcom

Coconut oil




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