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High-end product samples are just as good

Sometimes grown up responsibilities take the fun out of being young and having fun. Rent, mortgage, bills, and other payments. …But what about skincare and Makeup, or anything beauty related? When can I get myself that product I’ve always wanted?😰

Knock, knock.. Hello!? Three words: Get. Free. Samples.

I know that there aren’t free samples for every beauty product out there, but for the most part there is! It’s kinda wrong to think that sample sized products are not cool or the same as the full size. They are, and even more than because they’re freeeeeee! Today, you can be sure that any department store, Sephora, even some online stores have got you covered! So next time you find yourself wishing you could afford that mascara, perfume, mask, or hair product, ask for samples.

PS: A tiny reminder that Glossier is still 20% off site wide until today Nov 27/2017!

But after today, you can still get 20% off with my rep link here:

As always, thank you for taking time to read!👋😘

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