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What a weekend/week! Let me just say that traveling alone isn’t so cool when you got to step on 3 flights and three bags filled with all the essentials because who packs light?.. I’m in Sweden atm staying at my fiance’s place! Staying here for a bit longer since we have something pretty big to plan and celebrate!..😏✨ Listen to my latest podcast episode if you wanna know what we’re celebrating.

Sadly all that heavy traveling has not made it easy to stay up to date with my blog, podcast, and youtube channel, and my one true beauty love: Glossier, which I am now a rep for, if I haven’t mentioned it like a trillion times!! LOL 😂.. No but seriously, I’ll leave my 20% off link for you down bellow.👇

So something really exciting just popped up on Urban Decay’s insta and it is a new Vice lipstick palette trio featuring the beautiful artistic work of the iconic Patrick Nagel, and I could NOT be anymore excited to get my hands on at least one of these three palettes! Urban Decay is doing something I have been dreaming all my favorite brands would do!: they’re bringing the 80’s back with the Aesthetically pleasing packaging on these palettes! Simply because I have an unconditional love for the 80s/90s, and an even bigger desire for the fashion, a bit of the way of life, music styles, and beauty scene of those decades to come back and stay! I know many of you don’t agree with me, but I’m happy knowing in a way it is sort of creeping back in some areas..😎💕 For the moment I am writing this with no knowledge of the launch date of this trio, nor if the palettes are sold separately or together, so I will update on that when Urban Decay shares more on those products!

Lastly, Glossier has yet again more news to share along with the new showroom in Canada and now also shipping to the UK. It seems like they released the Body Hero a few days ago, and NOW they have a Fragrance on the way ~WHICH~ you can now pre-order also with my rep link, so don’t think, just act on it and be one of the first to own this beautiful new scent that Glossier is calling “You”! I honestly love what they are doing with this launch! First of all, the name is perfect! And don’t even get me started with the way it smells! Beautiful just like the bottle is shaped, plus the marketing strategy is genius, with giving away free samples along with every current glossier order so that all of us can get a personal feel for their new fragrance, it just makes the experience just like the name suggests; yours!

Do expect me to talk about these two fresh new products in my future podcast and youtube videos soon! For now I bid you a good rest of your week and a beautiful 20% off rep link for anything glossier down bellow! Xoxo👋😘💕❤️️

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