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Where have I been all this time?

Hi everyone! I’m writing to update about where I have been all these months, as my website has been silent and without any updates.. I have 4 reasons to give you.

First reason is that I got really sick for many months. I am all better now, but I was down with a bad cough for 3 almost 4 months! It started in May with a scratchy throat and the usual cold that I thought it was just going to be. But after two weeks of the cold, right after I was left with a dry itchy, annoying af cough!.. It was literal hell. I went though so much medicine and the cure was prescription steroids.. and after having finished taking the steroids, I had terrible withdrawl that made me throw up on the morning of the first day of my new job. (I’ll talk about my job a bit later..) On that same day right after that episode, I felt completely better.

Next reason is the past hurricane Irma. I live in Florida, and as we all know, Irma passed through all of this state. So I had no brain to think about blogging filming youtube videos or recording podcast episodes. The weather was too serious to give anytime to the blog in anyway.

So I also got a new job, and after only being able to record a few small podcast episodes between working and spending time with my fiance over facetime and skype, I still couldn’t continue writing on my blog, no matter how much I wanted to. I come home very tired and unable to think of stuff to write about. So sad.

Aannnd my last reason, is that in a few weeks I will be flying back to Europe! I’m very exited, gonna be back with my man, and in the spring, we get married! So my mind is very occupied on the wedding, the loooooonng trip ahead of me, and the honeymoon lol!

BUT I do have some great beauty related news for you! I recently became Glossier rep! So happy to share my rep link so you can get 20% off your glossier orders! Go ahead and have fun! I’ll place the link here below, have fun!👋😘

So there you have my 4 reasons for being gone for so long. I’ll definitely be back to the blog when in Europe, because by that time all of our preparations will be made and I’ll have time to write and record podcast/youtube videos more constantly! Though I will tr to squeeze in a few podcast episodes, since the podcast is the most practical part of this website, so stay tuned!

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