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The face mists of today!

Is it me or is this summer hotter than the last?..

this heat makes you want to spray yourself with water for a quick refreshment. I am talking about face mists, now some of these probably don’t provide much other significant use, but some are quite great for your skin, and smell just as! Here I will jot down the most beloved face mists I have personally used. I hope you enjoy!

Evian Mineral Water Facial Spray

This one was my first and is just honestly/basically water. This face mist is mostly just to refresh your skin, with its fine mist and cold sensation! It does the job beautifully in hot temperatures. Kinda plebby, but sisnce this one was the first one I had ever purchased, I always forgave the shitty spaying mechanism lol..

Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This is what got me through working 2 shifts as a restaurant hostess 4 years ago, in two different restaurants, where both places required a lot of fast walking and (yes) cleaning and setting up tables again. Unlike the Evian, this mist does a bit more than just refresh. Mind you, it does have a bit of a smell that might require an acquired taste for it AND it does linger. Other than that, it helps soothe your skin with a minty feeling, from the redness you tend to get from the heat, and does a decent job at making your make up still look good after hours! This new spraying mechanism it has makes it a bit “squirty”.

These two are better off being purchased in their smallest size, for easy carriage in your bag!

Herbivore Botanicals Rose Hisbiscus Face Mist

We have seen the instagram rave on this one, and for a good reason! Aesthetically, (I LOVE saying that word) the glass bottle encapsulating this rose hibiscus mist, is just beautiful to look at, and take pictures of on your vanity along with all your other skincare and beauty products! The actual mist itself is just as lovely and refreshing! I have not been out with this mist yet, but it doesn’t look practical as it is a glass bottle. As far as spraying it on my face is concerned, it makes me feel like a cool girl who’s very up to date with anything and everything cool girl beauty! Also makes me feel dainty, as if I picked out the flowers from my garden and made the mist myself! The scent is rose hibiscus all the way, but it quickly disappears after spraying. The spraying mechanism is very fine and never messy, though you have to pat the product in after spraying, but I just honestly let it dry in on its own since its so fine.

Glossier soothing face mist rose water spray

My favorite, but that’s no secret and neither is the BIG HUGE CRUSH I’ve got on this brand! (lol) Anyway,.. like I mention in my video, this one is a cheaper verion of the Herbivore mist. Minus the coconut water, it is a matter of choice weather you want to pay for a beautiful glass bottle or cheaper packaging that is just as Gorgeous!! It’s rosy smell also doesn’t linger at all, and the spraying mech doesn’t squirt. It will do the job for the cool-girl on-the-go!

For now, these are the ones that my face has had fun experiencing! I do hope you like my YTB video, and please do share any of your favorite face mists that you think I should give a try!


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