A mattifying cleansing water?

Garnier recently came out with a (get this): Mattifying micellar cleansing water! And as per usual of all Garnier’s micellar waters, this one is just as great at removing makeup. All the other things it says it does like cleansing and purifying pores, I know to leave that to my beloved (YES) Glossier magical skincare routine!😍

Now what makes this micellar water “special”, is that it claims to mattify the skin, lifting dirt, oil, and makeup without any harsh rubbing.. But then again, who would be crazy enough to rub their face, knowing that rubbing could cause premature wrinkling on your beautiful skin?! (breathing..)Anyway, its supposed to leave skin clean and refreshed without a greasy residue.

Again, as I mentioned Garnier’s micllar water line is great, but not an angle preforming miracles. Sounds kinda bitchy I know, but if you were to pick one of these up, you will notice on the back of the ingredients list, that Alcohol Denat. (Denatured Alcohol) is one of the first ingredients in this solution! Of course its going to dry out your face!😰😱

IDK about ya’ll, but any kind of alcohol is never a good idea when it comes to my face.. other than that shocker and trying really hard to look past it, this micellar water does do a good job of refreshing your skin whenever needed, and removing makeup and making you feel dry, not really much so “matte”. With this one, I’d say use at your own risk, and maybe not all the time.✌️

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