Simple beauty: The products you really need!

Beauty for the simple girl and guy. What do you really need

Walking into Sephora, is overwhelming enough with the crowd buzzing through the whole store. Next to that current anxiety, add the certainty that when you have one of their employees kindly and patiently recommend something, there will be various different brands of products that do the exact same thing. Its not a money issue, its just that there is way too much to choose from (also ok) but you don’t really know (even after getting every product so patiently explained to you) what to get!

Believing to have said this before her on my blog, I do repeat that I have always been a true to myself minimalist when it comes to beauty, and pretty much everything! I don’t like the bother in a clutter of materials, and yes, even though owning those beautiful Chanel products and YSL lipsticks do make any makeup bag, case, vanity, ect. Look stunning thus making you feel just as, “real life” (at least mine, aka not so eventful atm) does not allow nor require me to have such collections upon collections of makeup. I’m well aware that many of you out there know the feeling, yet could not give a less cotton ball about spending your money on such lavish beauty products, when there are other more important materials to be buying to be able to survive (like food and toilet paper lol)! So just as my previous post about how useful those cute beauty samples are to get a taste of those dreamy, glamorous products. Here I will share the ones I consider my actual “must haves”. The products I actually require, that don’t acquire much of your time in front of a mirror when you are trying to head out the door asap, even though hey!, who wouldn’t love to spend minutes looking at themselves in a mirror? Lol! Anyways, I hope you know what I’m trying to say, and I hope you enjoy reading this one too!

Getting Glossier out of the way (because I literally talk about the brand like word vomit), to feel truly cleansed, I need the milky jelly cleanser. For me, this is the best PH balanced, no BS cleanser for anytime and to remove makeup all in one go.

Weather I am going out or not, I must apply SPF every. single. day. (I see you glossier! Wink!) I have mentioned this Hawaiian Tropic SPF before because I love the way it smells and I am one of those odd people who LOVE the consistency of sunscreen, because it makes me feel like I go to the beach everyday, and its summer all year long! Judge me, I don’t care! Lol.. This one doubles as a moisturizer so for the minimalist in me, this is great!

Yes, I will mention lips here. All I need is some kind of balmy lip thing and I can live. Moisturized lips is my thing. As far as lipstick is concerned, my go to color is brown and any mauvy color close to brown, and I can feel put together and very fab.

Ok, now foundation! I used to struggle finding a good seamless, medium coverage foundation to cover up and also conceal my face full of scars and blemishes. Again, the simple girl in me never bothered with buying a concealer to go along with foundation, so my foundation had to do both jobs for me Now that I’m almost done with my hormonal acne phase of my graceful youth, I don’t need much coverage since the scares have been drastically disappearing thanks to just letting my sin breathe for a change and not really going out much as I used to when all of the people I knew weren’t married or with babies. (ps; they are still the most awesomest people I know, just that they’re busier now.) back to the topic, now all I need to feel normal out in the world, is a light coverage foundation. That’s all.

I am combination, so I need something to keep myself looking not like a over dewy mess ( though I like a bit of my own dewyness). But if I forget to blot myself of bring a powder, I don’t really care. Yolo honestly.

This is pretty much my bare necessities. And to be as clear as water, YES I do own products for those special occasions, and to pamper myself, because who doesn’t right? But for every day, this is me, and what I do. Don’t need all of the latest makeup hypes, I look good with less on if you know what I mean, and I mean that in all ways thinkable. Anyway, excuse the rawness, but I hope you did enjoy this read here. Until next time!👋😘


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