Blog Update!

Hello! I’m checking in to talk about my “Monthly reviews and favorites” section on my blog. The main reason why I did not document June (last month). I gave this part of the blog a good thinking about, and came to accept that I cannot keep up with a monthly documentation of reviews and favorites, much less with how busy I will be the rest of the year. So I have come up with a way around that by instead blogging my latest reviews and favorites for each season of the year! This gives me more time to get to know the products I am reviewing and review more things as well! Some things might have a better chance to become favorites too. So at thee end of August I’ll be back with a summer edition for my summer reviews and favorites! And of course I will still be posting weekly as always, no worries there. I will be completely honest though, atm I am going through a bit of a creative slump. But as usual, when ever you are down, you can be sure you will be back up sooner than later!

Anyways,this is just an update, so I don’t leave my readers in the blank. Thank you as always for visiting my site and for reading! ILY!!😘💕

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