Let’s talk about brow grooming..

How do you go about grooming your brows?.. You know, plucking the strays, shaping, cutting, and styling- all that jazz.. Do you have the right tools? Let me know how you do!😘💕

Here below, I will share with you my simple yet fully controlled strategy I use for grooming my eye brow situation. I hope it helps in some way and that you enjoy!

Ok so my eyebrow situation in sort of strange in the way that, my eyebrows (like most people) are not similarly shaped, yet if I take my time and try to, they can look pretty symmetrical! My brows are equally full, and if I get lazy and don’t take much care of them, they will bush.. I am happy that they don’t require me to fill them in or color them, but I also don’t like my brows to be so thick too.. Here in this post, I will let you in on how I groom my grows to look (imo) their best!

I love me some Glossier boy brow (in clear) to just hold my naughty brows in place. But when grooming them, its a great help when cutting them shorter too. Here (pic below) I use my it cosmetics brow tool to help me hold them along with the moisture the boy brow adds to grab my tiny scissors, and snip off any excess length. I don’t like my eyebrows moving around, no matter if I have on boy brow or not. I mostly snip off from the ends of my brows, brushing them down, to separate the top hairs from the lower.

After cutting, I pluck. Normally I don’t get many long stray hairs, but I do get many tiny strays to pull out. It sucks because they come back after just a few days after grooming. I cannot do any of this without my trusty magnifying mirror! My hooded eyelids are very hard to work around since that skin is very soft and on the way of some tiny brow hairs that must go. Aside from that, this is pretty much what I do to keep my eyebrows looking normal.

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