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Beauty Samples should be your BFFs!

They’re cute, little but reasonably sized, a god sent & very useful!! Samples can be regarded as such, or just given/thrown away. I personally cannot see a sample go to waste! Its the gold they carry inside that makes them just as valuable as the full size product they represent, so I make the minimal space compromise to keep them near, and use them later in the future.

Samples love everybody, weather you can buy the full size or not atm, or for those wanting to test out a bit of the full size before splurging or purchasing at all, no matter the price range. But just as with everything you bring into your life (beauty-wise) do your research, and stay safe! The safest way to go about samples is to not only look up the brand before trying something new, but to also use samples from brands you have used in the past and full sizes of their products. These tiny packets of product are a good idea to keep and stow for travel, for when you run out of that product you just can go a day without, already mentioned to test out, and even to share! Now why throw them away?

I have had many of said beautiful samples and have used them proudly, and they have never failed me EVER. You must know how accessible they are too! For starters, most of them are free! Then there are some subscription boxes, which give you a fair amount of lovely samples directly to you every month. Yet if you want to try out that very luxurious Chanel mascara, just go up to the counter, and ask for one, and you shall be served one or even three! That’s just a taste of one of my many favorite samples! Sephora is BOSS when it comes to asking for samples! They’re not keen on thin liquids such as toners, micellar waters, and makeup removers, but that’s understandable. Other than that, they give out samples of pretty much anything you want to test out (or just have extras lets be honest here lol shh..). Go to Ulta Beauty, and it will be the same.


Just like subscription boxes, your favorite fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazines usually carry tiny, flat samples of random products too! You don’t know what you’re gonna get, but when you do get a shampoo&conditioner sample or of that moisturizer you have always wanted to buy and had already tried a small sample before, or just a tiny bit of your favorite anything product, its always a wonderful feeling! #blessed! I’m subscribed to most beauty/fashion magazines so I can tell you, its very helpful to be so, for those tiny cute random presents!! (btw, how many exclamation marks have I used already?? lol)


How can we forget the times we order a certain product online?(!) almost always before checkout, you get a few choices of samples you want your order to come along with. My favorite brand Glossier does just that and I love them for than and for being the inspiration for this blog post! On some other online stores, if you can get more than one, GET BOTH or GET ‘EM ALL!

To those who just dispose of these jewels, try to keep the few you know you could/will use. To those who want a taste of luxury products from time to time, make a HUGE collection, and say “yes I am wearing Chanel Mademoiselle!” _Seriously, the tiny roller ball-glass bottle sample size is SO adorable!(another of my faves) AANNDD to those who can afford/own full size, keep the samples as well for the future! Though that advice goes for anybody really.. Love and appreciate any & all samples that come your way, because you never know when they can come in handy, you will discover new favorites, and these tiny babies will come in handy always!

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