Renting smarter! How to find the right place

Moving in any circumstance is quite difficult even when you know what you’re doing. I have done it A LOT.. So much so, that the last 2 times my family has moved, I was the one who found the places that we would call home. First house was rented, the current is owned. Moving anywhere requires us to be very mindful of where we will consider moving into, and more commonly how much to pay for rent. But in between all of those aspects, are various details that you cannot miss or take lightly, because every part of the apartment/condo/studio/single house you choose to call home can result in many regrets.. In this blog post I will share some tips on how to choose a place to move into from my favorite website, to all details to look out for. I hope you enjoy!✌️✨

I have for the most part moved all of my life to beautiful Sweden, and that was a very difficult move! Though,.. there are some things in life where it decides to move you again after all that hard work of moving clothes, belongings, convincing my dear Hispanic parents that Sweden is one of the most cleanest, healthiest, and safest countries in the world, ect.. ALL this big move, just to make my fiance and I realize that moving back to the U.S. Is more convenient for the two of us in terms of our lifestyle, our aspirations in life and what we do for a living along with that as well. We have a big move ahead of us, and its obviously going to be to another apartment! Together, we have become experts in searching for a place and our favorite real estate website is! I was already familiar with the website, but when I introduced it to my fiance, he lit up like a kid seeing the preview for the newest Overwatch game season!(my gaming nerd girls know what I mean! Lol)😜

apart from what zillow offers in their website, we always keep in mind the area in which we will be living, in this case now we are browsing ahead to a certain state in the U.S. (classified) No, we are not rich, but well off for what we do, and I’m so thankful that for what are plans are for the future(pet, baby, buying a house), that we are able to plan for it with what we have and what we can make in terms of funds, in a short time after moving back! As much as this move is important for/to us, we are so exited and hopeful for a more happier quality of life!

So Location is very prioritized, also as much is what convenience we have near our desired location for healthy food, basic human necessaries, clothes, ect. Another very convenient thing to have close toy you, probably more when you’ve never lived in this certain place, is a clinic or better yet a hospital. Can never be too careful, you know.. Yet the key is to become a local, comfortable and confident about your new surroundings as fast as possible! I’d say start from day one! Sure, move all your stuff, take care of you, THEN take care of the adventurous you! Go out and find out where all the fun hangouts are, the good restaurants, nearest Starbucks, and find out about any social events as possible and actually GO! (think Shia LaBeouf yelling “JUST DO IT!”) My fiance and I will get to do more of this when moving back to a more chill state, where people rather tan or surf, than staying in! It’s gonna be a big change more for him than me(Florida local), coming from Sweden..

Moving is a big deal, so this blog post might be longer than my usual and the longest I’ve written yet too.. It is just as important to keep in mind what will your new home(rental/purchase) give to you. From the first moments you look at it with your realtor or through the first pics you see online, it should speak to you and match your lifestyle or what you’re looking for. Your new home should have what you demand from it and if it has more, even better! Put that potential listing on the top of your list! For example; in terms of interior and amenities, we want bright rooms with a lot of ability for natural sun light to come though. A balcony with a beautiful view would be a very important manly to my fiance, to me as well and to see him smile everyday because we have it! Next on our list is all new kitchen and bathroom amenities. Basically something close to being a newly built place/apartment/building.

Last on the comforts your home should provide is ability for your pet to live with you too! If you have a cute animal companion, make sure that there is no problem with he/she to be able to live with you in your new perfect place! Especially for apartments and specific condos/studios/single family homes.

On to the numbers that may sometimes wake us up from that dream of living in the most perfect place! PLEASE for the love of anything precious ever think that you can meet your budget! That limit number is just there to round up what you can find in between the lowest price and that limit price. Honestly it breaks some hearts, even mine, but mainly rent is not the only payment to be thinking about. you’ll(and whoever else co-lives with you) have to make enough money for the other numbers that come with this place. Starting with (most of the time there is one) the application fee to even be considered to rent this place you have finally chosen. Then the deposit price on this pad (sometimes NOT cheap AT ALL). Lastly the water, electricity, and (duh) the wifi. Oh yeah, and the monthly rent on the place.

Moving alone for the first time is never easy, so its very convenient when you have a room mate to split all these cost with. Same thing for couples that finally want to live together, or for married couple finding their first home! Its hard out there but reality really doesn’t have to suck.. It just mans that in order to be able to survive out there, sacrifices have to be made at first! For example, when my fiance and I live in Sweden, he has to be the main provider of income. I cannot work when in Sweden, so now with our plans to move back to the U.S. Together, I can totally work here because I am a citizen and so will he! It does not bother me one bit that I have to find one more job, because I am a natural battery full of energy and I love keeping busy through tasks and work! In that way if we want to look for what we want & are able to have, then I will be able to split all costs with him and totally live where we want and how we want and expect more in the future by saving!

I can only wish everybody good luck with all of this, but like I said; rent is not the only number to think about. So stray away from that limit renting price, unless you have lots of money and can TOTALLY handle it all! But for the rest of us, we must be mindful of all these things to rent smart, and we will surely find the our perfect new home!


I really hope you all enjoyed reading this little piece of info, and let me know if there was other tips I forgot to mention, and leave them in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to follow me on all my social media to keep up with my next posts! Until next time!😘

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