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Pat your face dry, never rub (even tho you want to)

You’re not alone when wanting to rub your face towel when drying your face, after a long day and you have just removed all your makeup.. ahh..!✨😌✨ Only you know that rubbing your face with a towel isn’t good at all when it comes to the future of your skin in terms of aging and wanting to prolong its youthful bounciness for as long as you can, any way you can. I too have fallen many times to rubbing my face towel when drying, but now not as much or I try to not do it at all. Now in my mid 20’s, keeping moisture, eye creams and keeping a youthful look is quickly becoming a very important part in my life. So I pat my face dry and more of you should too and here’s why..

PS: It’s never too early to start taking care of your skin!

Some people may have different skin textures, yet I strongly believe that all types are sensitive and require as much care as possible. Rubbing your face towel might feel good, but its definitely not good. Ever.

Reason #1

pores (especially in oily skin types), even after washing you face, will still have oils that when rubbing, will mix with other current blemishes/pores and cause more breakouts/irritation/more enlarged pores. Not good.😕

I do hope reason #1 was enough to convince you..

Reason #2 and honestly, my personal convincing reason

rubbing your skin dry with your towel (believe it or not) will stretch your skin in any area and cause aging to seem more obvious if this is done regularly. Nobody wants wrinkles before 30, or during their 30s for that matter.. Or ever!..

patting dry may take a bit longer, or you might think that you’re way too young to be worrying about being so careful with your skin.. but meanwhile you’re out and definitely enjoying your beautiful youth, coming home late (totally acceptable) and maybe forgetting to remove your makeup some nights (my 17 y/o self is also guilty😎), at least when you do wash your face, remember that treating your skin as gently as possible, will lead to amazing pay off in the long run when you venture into your 20s, 30s, and for as long as you shall live and continue to enjoy this one life! Yes, it’s that serious, so please pat your skin dry!


Until next time!😘💕❤️️

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