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Glossier Phase 1 review!

A week with the products I bought from Glossier, I can now tell you that most of these are staying as necessary parts of my skincare and makeup! For the most part I’m completely switched to these products, but My old makeup is still a part of me and not much of a difference from what I get out of Glossier’s goodies!! Just saying, I’m more complete now.

I am in the process of finishing up an uboxing video featuring all these lovely items, so stay tuned for that video on my youtube channel!✨💎✨

From Glossier I bought the Phase 1 set, which comes with:

The milky jelly cleanser is a complete (yes) GAME CHANGER! Nothing ever before has felt this way on my skin, and its that -finish- after washing that really made an impact! When something doesn’t lather (foam up with bubbles), it makes most of us think that its not doing a good job of cleansing, or that it plainly doesn’t work at all. This cleanser IS different! But to get this point out of the way, products don’t need to lather to work well, if that’s not in their formulation to do so when it comes in contact with water. So do not worry, its just as good as a cleanser that does lather. It’s what makes the milky jelly cleanser so unique!,and not only for not lathering, but also because it is one of THE BEST makeup removers imo!💕😍💕

It is a daring move to tell us to go a head and use this product on dry skin… (yep) Let me just say it DOES work! On a dry full face of makeup and at least two pumps of this stuff, it will break down your makeup! Brows, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, foundation and lips, it removes all. of. It!

Just as daring is to tell us that we can open our eyes even after rubbing off our eye makeup and there will be no stinging or itchiness! Also true. These things are all possible because of this cleanser’s formulation. The same cleaning agents found in contact lens solution. Honestly it does not look like contact lens solution, but this stuff just works.. Gentle but powerful cleaning! It works equally the same on wet skin, so by all means.. After washing it off, all of you makeup goes down the drain with it! I really don’t feel like I need to take another make up removal step in order to make sure I really did take it all off. When I dab my face dry and see no makeup residue has rubbed off on it, that’s pretty much proof enough! Definitely go try it out for yourself and you’ll see!✨👀

The priming moisturizer is just as well the perfect moisturizer I was looking for like forever! It is a primer too, so yeah this combo makes a lot of sense! A perfectly cut diamond, if you will.. even though it is a moisturizer, for its 1.7 fl oz, I just use it as a primer, yet can’t help to feel so complete that it is still a moisturizer. What I mean to say is, I only use the priming moisturizer for when I’m going out and will wear makeup. One word: perfect!

The last step in the Phase 1 set, is the balm dotcom. To be a complete fangirl, I got it in the original no flavor version. It is a life savor at keeping my lips, around my nose and around my eyes moisturized and safe from any dryness! I just love its multi purpose use! Will be getting the rose flavor next time, cuz I just cant live without it!😭💕❤️️

Phase one used to come along with a fourth item which was the perfecting skin tint, but when asking Glossier personally about why the change, they said it was all to make it wallet friendly! Thus that’s why this year the prices of both Phase 1 and Phase 2 have dramatically changed to be more affordable! So even though the Perfecting skin tint does not come along with the Phase 1 set any longer, it is still available on their website! Honestly it doesn’t bother me a bit when such very game changing products are grouped together at a price that allows anybody to be able to experience them! Thank you very much Glossier!! I love you!!😘💕❤️️

A week was enough to get to love these lovely Glossier products and for them to become my favorite “these are it” products. Pretty much all I need. Skin care that benefits to let me be more in love and comfortable with my own skin being the main feature and Glossier just giving me a bit of subtle enhancement!

I still don’t own their Invisible shield or their mask duo and the few others, but I will totally try them out in time, so stay tuned for that review post! But for now, I really hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the Phase 1 set. Feel free to let me know if you’ve tried any Glossier products and what you think about them. If you would like to try these and anything else from Glossier, I do have a link that gives you a 20% off discount on your glossier purchase right here!

Side note: It is an affiliate link so it allows me to make a small commission, so if you are uncomfortable with that then you don’t have to shop with my link, but it is always there if you want to save a bit of money at checkout!

As ever, thank you so much for reading and until next time!😘

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