My weekly routine

My weekly schedule goes a little something like this..


Since I don’t work for somebody else (self making) I do my work at home on my free time when I’m not facetiming with my fiance or in Sweden out with him shopping or taking walks.


Breakfast is very important to me so I make a coffee with non hormone, lactose free milk, and no sugar. If not eggs, something like oatmeal microwaved for 45 seconds, no sugar. Basically anything without sugar, carbs or lactose, or bad fat. Green apples and strawberries that are in season are my fav!


Wash face every day, no matter when, but if I’m going out -wash before makeup ofc.. As of lately, minimal makeup is my look from now on, as iIll be talking about in a future blog post, so keep an eye out for that one (good read)!


I workout every other day and NO MATTER WHAT I’m doing on that workout day, facetiming with my fiance, or hanging out with my sis and her toddler(my gorgeous nephew), NOTHING gets in the way of my hour (sometimes 2hrs) of my workout time, at 9pm. I always try to mix it up with intensive butt workout(cuz yass) in between my session and if not that I do abs, but I ALWAYS start with my legs, then I do my arms which is toning them with lifting 5lbs on each hand =10lbs, then either abs or butt, then kick boxing for cardio.. As you might have already noticed; my diet and exercise are very important to me lol. AND WHY NOT?! These two are vital for keeping one’s body and life healthy!!


When I’m done with my session, I feel very great and positive and ofc exited that the next day, I can just relax and hang out with bae if he’s not also working too. Other wise, I’m writing a blog post or taking pics for the blog or insta, or working on my other passion, which is producing some tunes!


I am the kind of person that has a hard time falling asleep because I have way too much energy and during the day, I have to keep myself busy with some activity. Aka HYPERR!! lol but not crazy..😏

Cleaning falls into on of those activities, so weather I am in Sweden with my fiance, or in Florida staying at my mom’s house, I like to clean too. Any kind of cleaning, I don’t mind it, I love it!


These sequences I’ve made for my life, keep me leveled, sane and busy meanwhile I wait patiently to move to Sweden and get married to the love of my life! And when I do, I will still keep this schedule as my fiance and I both enjoy staying active, and creatively busy! One thing is for sure,.. less champagne this time, because no matter how delicious the bubbly is, it has wayy too much sugar under its various flavors. So maybe it’ll be best to cut it down to just date nights!!😇✨


This is my schedule, so now you know a little bit more about me!! ( I do wonder, what is your usual week like? Let me know on the comment section below!!

Thank you so much for reading and until next time!😘💕❤️



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