Monthly Review for April!

Hello there! I hope you are having a great day, and that you have an awesome weekend!! It’s nearing the end of April (way too quickly) and I have here with me a few items to share with you that I have reviewed this month. Some are repeats from other blog posts, but its only because they are still faves even now! So I will go ahead and start with some skincare that has completely changed my complexion game 100%!💎😍💎

For a year now, I have been cleansing my face and removing my makeup with Simple‘s Foaming cleanser, Micellar water and Cleansing wipes. A pretty reasonable price for no BS skincare and it has never broken me out. No harsh chemicals, artificial perfume or dyes is a very big plus too! Another aspect I look for in cleansers and in skincare in general is anything that doesn’t dry my face right away after washing my face and patting dry. For me a lot of high-end products that promise to not dry out skin, do dry me out. I have literally tried all of it out there, and a skin care line that ranges around $5 has made a huge difference in keeping my skin moisturized and clean!✨🙌✨

This next brand of skincare has smitten a lot of hearts! Boys and Girls, I’m obviously talking about Glossier!! omg!❤️The hype is definitely REAL when it comes to the products of this brand! (in b4 overdose of exclamation marks lol) This month, I bought two of Glossier products that are just as holy grail as my simple skincare. I picked up one the Super serums, Super Pure to be exact and I also got the Rose Balm Dotcom. No regrets especially with the serum. Its two ingredients; niacinamide + zinc have worked WONDERS for my complexion! This serum kills my breakouts faster than my 10% benzoyl peroxide does. The super pure does it in an over night time frame. I LOVE IT!


Now the rose balm dotcom is a multi use salve, that you can apply to your lips for moisture as well as your cuticles, elbows and I also apply it to the outer corners of my eyes as moisture armor. I don’t use eye cream yet but I believe that this little balm does the trick for now.


Last week I was in Washington dc for a day. Knowing I would take on a looong day, filled with two flights going to and coming back from Washington, I gave myself a little skin prep the night before with my trusty Glam Glow Power mud Dualcleanse Treatment mask.This baby packed on the moisture I needed for my long day out, keeping me looking alive for a very important meeting! I’m thankful to it for that!!💁🏻💕❤️

a few words to describe these gentle but powerful skincare products: SUPER HEROES!

Seriously the best stuff I can always rely on and I share it now with all of you. I hope you enjoyed reading this months review post, an as always, thank you for reading!💕❤️

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