Planning a wedding sometimes requires patience💍💕

Almost 2 years ago, I got engaged to (YES) the man I have been dreaming of all my life.. The one. Ever since I saw him for the first time, I fell in love. Luckily, he had the luck to get to know me and we took off from there! Every step that comes with building a close relationship with someone who is equally interested/attracted to a person, has definitely been different with him.. a good different.

4 years being friends,

on the 4th year starting our relationship

2 years later getting engaged,

now 4 years into our relationship, we are preparing to move into a new and bigger place together and get married!😍✨

All of this has happened with us keeping a stable relationship through the internet..yep

He lives in Sweden and I in the U.S. It has definitely been hard to keep this friendship and love of ours strong and happy, especially with the distance removing most of what makes entering a romantic, serious relationship all the more beautiful. What sometimes some couples take for granted or don’t think about how lucky they are to have met their significant other in the same place. I totally envy those of you who have, and wish you all the same love and happiness! I would’ve loved to have met my man whether he lived here or I lived in Sweden.. It would’ve made things waayy more simpler than they still aren’t now. Yet I have no regrets about how we made it happen and work!


All the moments we went through, made us appreciate and love each other in an immense way. I’ll say this until the day I die; THANK GOD FOR SKYPE AND FACETIME!!!!! (enough said)🙌✨

We have lived together now for 9 months, and it is fkn LIFE! Being engaged and living together, it is a bit hard to hold back the desires to plan a wedding ASAP (especially for women lol), what with everyday life, things in it that take up many of our days, and money spent on bills and food and other necessary means. Without saying much more about myself because privacy is my policy, I will now share with y’all a bit of a minimalist point of view on how to plan a wedding while being engaged after a while..longer than a while.


Usually when getting engaged, its a very exiting time with naturally wanting to start planning the wedding RIGHT AWAY! Some can and do, but in cases like mine, where moving to a different country and all of the process that entails, money spent on trips to and from in between trying to move all of my belongings, Planning the wedding takes a sad and unfair backseat.. Just the way it is. Equally as unfair, is when you know not all members of your family can attend because of the distance, expenses and other life circumstances. Take for example, my wedding will be in Sweden and my family living here in the U.S. With the limited budget, it would be impossible to have the most important members of my family attend. Plus the money it would take for any of them to stay in a hotel + food. For me, my mom is queen and the only one I want there with me if I can only have her there.💕❤️


From the time my fiance and I got engaged, it has now been 2 years.. (sigh) Again, its because of personal events in our lives that have delayed our wedding plans. Fortunately, the day is getting closer, even though we still haven’t decided in what month left in this year to get married! Now that we are close to a wedding, we can finally plan one!! yay!! however all this time waiting has let us have enough time to make realistic conclusions on what we will be able to do on our wedding, in terms of location, venue, my dress and his tux, ect.


He and I have always been a very minimalist/simplistic couple in every way. I’d like to say that we have good tastes not only for expensive champagnes and European wines, but in music and fashion as well. Yet in our daily, we don’t require much to live happy!

Obviously the first thing to plan -together- is a budget. Then again, who wouldn’t want a beautiful wedding at a big estate or fancy setting?.. but to think realistically and not run into money trouble afterwards, one must prioritize the expense where it truly matters. Looking your best and looking -the- best is top mission for both you and your future spouse! So for a small, family only wedding,(like mine will be) why not spend the best to look the best? You and your significant other are the most valuable jewels on this day! Make it rain on that gown and tux and shoes!!✨💵💵✨ JUST enough tho, so that there is an equal amount left for the wedding bands, hiring a venue that’s just enough perfection for the perfect small family only wedding, and food aaannnd honey moon.💕❤️ Our honeymoon is where my fiance and I have decided to save up for the most along with his tux and my dress. Adding more onto the subject of a venue or ceremony location, if both of those places come out to be of no charge, then that’s even MORE perfect!


I have been to soo many wedding where the bride and groom hire people to provide them with all the trimmings! Basically paying others to take care of the details the couple has asked for SO specifically, all their trust in these people’s hand and they still stress about it.. So instead of doing that, why not have all the planning be done along with your most trusted people? Your family is where your best allies are, so asking them for help is FREE and agreeing on a plan on who does what, is a much less stressful planning process. You can always count on on your beloved fam! With that being said, flowers are best when they are fresh! Look for a place that can have the bouquet/s and other flowers ready as close as possible to your wedding, for the best possible price. If your ceremony takes place in a garden, then just look at your garden surroundings and buy your bouquet/s to match and only those, saving you quite a bit.

Of course I wasn’t going to miss writing about makeup lol! If you already have a look in mind and can do it yourself, that is also a ton of money saved right there. Same goes for hair, the more simplistic and effortless, the more better and more beautiful! If not, lucky are the ones who have a family member who can help for free!..


Even more blessed when someone in your family can take care of the cooking for the whole fam. Then no need for catering! Yasss🙌✨

Truly when its a family only small wedding, you can be sure that you and your love have a world of stress and worries off your shoulders! This day will forever be remembered as a beautiful memory full of love, happiness and comfort! For those of you who are planning a similar wedding and those with more room to plan for more, I truly wish you a very happy life with your soul mate and both families!!💕❤️🙌✨💎


Thank you so much for reading and until next time!


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