My new Glossier goodies!!❤️


I recently bought my first ever skincare goodies from this wonderful brand! Aside form loving Glossier’s aesthetic/look already, these products are amazing! I got myself the Super Pure serum, and their Rose Balm Dotcom I especially love the other items that came in my package! Such cute stickers, a beautiful glossier poster which I will be framing and hanging, and the famous pink zip bag! I wont forget the sample of the best moisturizer I have ever applied on my face omg!! 😍Everything in that box makes you feel so special and loved ,so I will definitely be buying EVERYTHING before I move to Sweden. I really hope that international shipping becomes possible for Glossier soon..🙏

The Super Pure serum is an angle in this tiny glass bottle, that provides soothing help to stressed skin and break out prone skin from again stress or after having stuffed those yummy chick-fil-A waffle fries in our mouths lol!! soon it shows a more calmer side of your skin, soothing any redness and blemishes contradicting your beautiful mood/day! I usually apply it once a day after I wake up and wash my face.

Afterwards, I follow up with The Rose Balm Dotcom and I like to apply it under my eyes and on my lips: my two most driest areas on my face.

It has been a few days (almost a week) and my complexion has definitely looked much more calm in terms of my redness and a few blemishes that have been battling me to pop up, but Super Pure is helping me fight my skin enemies with serious super power, so its like my skin hero!! The Rose Balm Dotcom is a soft luxurious salve that keeps me very hydrated with the same strength as super as my serum!💪✨

If you like the sound of all this, go to Glossier’s website and pick up your very own skin care gear! Still skeptical, try them for yourself and I’m almost sure you’ll fin at least one thing that works perfectly for you! I plan to do just that and try out one of everything Glossier offers. If you enjoyed this blog post, then stay tuned for my other Glossier product reviews!

Thank you so much and until next time!💕❤️

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