March Monthly Review

This is proudly my first ever review month blog post on the month of March! I hope you enjoy and find something in this list of makeup products that you have been wanting to know more about or never even knew you needed/existed! I’ve got a bit of everything, from a primer to lilips you’ve probably been hearing a lot of buzz about lately!! So no more wait, here is my monthly review for March! (queue the emojis!)

In the need for a big help keeping my makeup oil free for longer, thus making it last longer, I stumbled upon this powerful baby while watching my fav beauty youtuber mention it. It’s a primer from BECCA Cosmetics, the Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. I used it without makeup and just moisturizer under it, also with both moisturizer and makeup on top of the primer for the same amount of time (6hrs). For me that has combination skin and both are to the extreme, this primer lasted me only half of the time it claims to last which is 12 hrs. even though it says it can be reapplied, I am not a believer of such an action. Even so, I am completely confident that had I reapplied powder, that my makeup along with the primer’s help, would’ve lasted at least 2 more hrs! When I’m out and about, I don’t stay out that long anyway, so it is perfect. Definitely recommend form my combo/oily boys and girls!! GO GET IT, YOU NEED THIS!

Applying in both ways that I used it, it was very very different from any other primer in general that I have tried before. It dries/sets really fast, so application requires to be very quick about it.. Idk about ya’ll, but my love for makeup time requires me to be slow about it, so I can enjoy every second of it!😍

Ps: if you apply too much in an area, it will create a transparent/white mask like stiff feeling and stick to any outer edge of your face. Just a heads up, you don’t need much.

Next thing on my list is Urban Decay’s Color Correcting Fluid. This green shade is meant to conceal redness and it does a great job at it! All I need is a thin dab on my most red areas and I find that if I give it a minute to set, it looks the best when finally applying my foundation afterwards. Its my first experience with a green concealer and I am so grateful that I went with this one!

For lips I picked a liquid lipstick from Makeup Forever. The Artist Liquid Matte Liquid lipstick in the shade 107. First with the only negative aspect of it, is that it has a sort of scent that reminds you of your mom’s 90’s (solid) lipstick that smells like a face cream.😕 Lol idk, I just don’t find it pleasant to breathe in a perfume on my lips. Would’ve preferred if it were scentless. Otherwise, the feeling is soft, and moves with my lips. So with the right wear and application, it wont crack. Very comfortable, but I will be exchanging it for a more “me” shade.. final opinions: I love and recommend!

So these are the few products I got to review this month, and I hope this post was useful for you.💕 Definitely next month I hope to be able to feature a few more products that I have reviewed with more time.

Thank you so much for reading, and until next time!❤️

Products mentioned:j

BECCA Cosmetics Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

Urban Decay Color Correcting Fluid

Makeup For ever Artist Liquid Matte

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