Highlighters to hype and definitely try out!

Today, there are countless types of these being sold by various brands from high-end to indi/insta brands. I really makes one take a step back in indecisive confusion!.. For someone like me its especially hard because I have just started dabbling in the highlighter world, so I feel pretty lost when I haven’t tried out many of them so far..Of course before I buy anything, I put some thought into the product in terms of what are the specs of it, how simple it can be to fit my simplistic lifestyle,will it look good on me, and how good of a quality of product it is to buy it for its price point.

Having all those things in check, I have listed here, a few highlighters I would definitely want to buy and try out! Some are available in stores like Sephora & Ulta, other department stores, and some are sadly only available online. Though all are sure to satisfy our glowing needs!

Lately all of the makeup I’ve been DYING to try out are from brands who only sell their products online, and Lime Crime‘s HI-LITE palette is even appearing in my dreams!!?

I’ve never seen three more perfect shades of highlighter in my little life! Keeping a close watch on this one since Lime Crime announced its upcoming existence to their online store with swatch pics and vids, I was smitten. It comes with three exceptional unicorn-ish glowing shades, from pink, gold, and peach! It is $38 but you get three shades! A very reasonable price compared to a single highlighter shade that can cost the same. No shame, I’ll be getting this baby soon!

Now that’s out of my system, I’ve been eyeing the new BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfecter Pressed Highlighter” Out of all the other shades in this collection, the shade Prismatic Amethyst is the one on my radar. Its a Beautiful Lavender duo-chrome shade that transplants onto the face as if showered in fine, glowing stardust! Priced at $38 as well, I really want to try this unique shade of highlighter and see why it has gotten so much hype! I think I’ll find out why tho.?

Too Faced has always been a beloved brand in my book, since I first laid my eyes on their foundation powders! I was so young..?? That’s why it comes to no surprise that I fell in love at first sight with one of their newest highlighter shades from their “Love Light Prismatic Highlighter” in the shade Blinded By The Light – champagne. This one is very similar in color to the BECCA one, but knowing Too Faced, they always add their own touch of glamour into their formulations! At $30, I simply must try.. I just MUST!

On a more subtle choice, Stila has been popping up everywhere lately I has received a lot of recognition lately, as a successfully growing brand. I’ve known about Stila ever since I was a kid, so I am very happy to see this brand where it is today!!? Very in the now, is their new heaven’s Hue Highlighter at $32 in price. There are three shades in this collection and I wish I could have them all, but I caaan’t..!? One should satisfy, so I will be getting one as soon as I can get my butt off this chair and to a Sephora and pick one out!! LOL? The shade will be a surprise, once I can get get all these glowing babies in my hands! That being said, I will be having a review coverage on all 4 of these highlighters in good time, so stay tuned for a full and as always, honest review! (over use of the exclamation marks & emojis on this post -no doubt)?

Thank you so much for reading, pls never stop reading, and until next time!❤️️



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