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The Makeup bag is a trusty companion that can travel with you and keep your most immediate cant-live-without items. For me, my makeup bag is more than that. Since I travel a lot, mine has become the only place where all of the makeup I own atm resides. Although I partly blog about cosmetics, I’m very simplistic towards what I really need in terms of makeup. Hopefully by next year, I will be settling in Europe with my fiance in a home together where I will definitely have a room to finally be free to grow my own vast collection of makeup and skincare! ?

Yet one thing I know I have in common with many women and men, is that I have a makeup bag! Having said that I will share with you guys what’s inside mine! (prepare for an insane use of exclamation marks) ?

I’d like to start with accordance to how I start my makeup routine.

After moisturizing, For primer, I use my trusty “The Porefessional” by Benefit Cosmetics for my tzone, erasing my pores from view (because we all know how tzones can be) ?

For me this is seriously One of the best primer balms to help us out in that department.

Protip: I keep a full size at home in the cabinet of my desk and a travel size when I’m away in my trips and adventures! Hence I keep the travel size in my makeup bag.

For foundation, I use and have used / bought Mac’s “Pro Longwear Foundation” in NW18. To me its perfect, buildable and as its name suggests, lasts me quite a bit of hours of the day! I don’t like a heavy feeling of foundation on my skin, and that can happen with some medium to full coverage foundations. I also do not tolerate an unnatural, cakey to-much finish to my skin, but I have never felt anything like that with this one from MAC. I LOVE it! Never fails me!!

To finish off the base of my face ( ? ), I use Bare Minerals “BARESKIN Perfecting Veil” in ‘Medium’. This powder (imo) is in the middle of price ranges, so its not too expensive as other high-end powder compacts in its family. For the finish and coverage it gives its pretty awesome and not so much of a splurge.

Along with the Perfecting Veil, I like to apply the powder with the “Supreme Finisher” brush that’s also from Bare Minerals.

Next I do my eyes and I start by applying mascara. At the moment, I’m using Clinique’s “Lash doubling mascara”. I discovered it three months ago, just before leaving for Europe and I found it very useful for both casual times and special events. Very minimal fall out but lasts me a very long time! The volume it claims to give isn’t much for me, but it does the job for a simple eyelash look that doesn’t disappoint.

My favorite part of doing my makeup is eyeshadows! For priming my eyes, I love Urban Decay’s original “Eyeshadow Primer Potion”. It 100% prevents my eyelids from getting oily throughout the day, keeping my eyeshadow looking flawless! I love it!!

For lining my eyes, I use Urban Decay’s “Razor Sharp Long-wear Liquid Eyeliner” in the color ‘Perversion’. I don’t use it all the time, but when I need it, its definitely there for me all night!?

I’m a sucker for eyeshadows,.. so I keep my most loved in an eyeshadow pan case from Coastal Scents and in that case I have my three most favorite Individual shades! “White Frost” by MAC, “Red Head” by Morphe, and “Starry Eyed” by Makeup Geek. Maybe an odd combination but when I use them together it creates a beautiful fresh bright look that I often use for most of my selfies! Plus the colors work as instant game changers used along other shades! Like beautiful pillars to any eyelook! ?

For applying these infamous eyeshadows, I use the simplest brushes I know of, They’re almost all from E.L.F. but their applying and blending abilities are just as top kek as those from high-end brands! Simple and Minimalistic are the best words to describe me, so you can expect that my eyeshadow looks will always be just that. With that said, I use my brushes in a very simple and different way. For example, I have small hooded/monolid eyes, so its hard for me to create a smoky eyeshadow or any look that requires a lot of crease action. Therefor I like to use E.L.F.’s “Professional Blending Eye Brush” all over my lids.

When I want a simple look, I mainly use this brush only. Otherwise for applying eyeshadow on the bottom of the eyes, I use E.L.F.’s “Smuge Brush”.

For a glow in the inner corner of my eyes I use E.L.F.’s “Professional Eye Crease Brush”.

Now for actual blending, I use Coastal Scents “Classic Shadow Angle Brush Large natural”. Mine is in white like in the pic below, yet the one I have linked below is only shown in black. Maybe one of you will know which one I mean.


Lastly for my eyebrows, and I have very thick/full eyebrows, so I don’t really apply anything to them. However I do brush them with an essential brush tool from IT Brushes For ULTA called “AirBrush Brow/Lash styler”, and it works perfectly for just those two purposes!

Another brush from IT Brushes For ULTA that I’m so happy I own is their “AirBrush Mega Powder brush #127”. Its BIG and very soft when using it to apply Powder foundation or any kind of finishing or HD powder! I love the Luxurious airbrushed feeling it gives and leaves on the skin. Totally helps to give my makeup an even layer of powder, making it look natural and effortless!

For lips, I tend to (yep) keep it simple and stay in the same shade family as my natural lip color. I’ve been loving from the Spehora Collection “Rouge Balm” SPF20 in the color “07 Bashful Beige”. This lipstick is a satin finish and its a darker pink with a brown tone to it that builds up beautifully imo!

Two liquid lipsticks I wear on occasion are NYX’s “Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick” in the shades “04 Ruffle Trim” and “11 Baby Doll”. These literally feel like I’m wearing nothing and barely give me that usual feeling from other similarly price range liquid lipsticks ive tried that crust in only an hr or less of use. These really stay soft/even looking after hrs from application, even though being a matte finish! Simply great and I’m always confident that they’ll stay looking great!

When I do want to stray away a bit from my natural lip color, I go for Revlon’s “Super Lustrous Lipstick” in the shade “671 Mink”. This shade is that powerful chocolate brown I love to wear when I want a more mature warm look. I honestly don’t care what season of the year I do this look, its just one of those staple looks I love to do when I want to!

Lastly for my lips and when I want a more polished finish, I love using Clinique’s “Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss” in the shade “02 Raspberry”. This gloss has just enough color to help enhance the look to anything I wear on my lips and it matches perfectly. It also has a staying power that I’ve never had with any gloss before.

Surprising as it may be, I’ve only recently started playing with highlighters or illuminators for a bit now and I believe that MAC’s “Strobe Cream” was the best choice imo as a highlighter for a beginner. Now that I know how to wear it and how much I like to wear, I will definitely be picking up other highlighters in the future! This Strobe cream works beautifully when placed slightly on top of the lips too!

That’s everything I have in my beloved makeup bag and its pretty much everything I need! I do have other makeup items I haven’t mentioned yet, but my makeup bag was today’s topic and I enjoyed sharing it with you! Let me know in the comments section below this post what’s it in your makeup bag! Hopefully I can learn about a few items I should add to mine! Anyway thank you for reading, Never stop reading and I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. Until next time, readers!

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