Paper Masks I’ve been Loving! ❤️️

After hopping on three planes and staying awake for more than 24 hours, coming back home and relaxing with some deep skin care that was gentle enough to whisk away all those hours of travel in only 10 minutes made me feel fresh and new! Its all thanks to a “Yes to” paper mask from their Cucumbers collection!(to the right of the image) It definitely gave back some life and tlc to my face’s skin and complexion. I picked mine up at Walmart but you can also buy them at their website for just $2.99

This particular paper mask of theirs is for sensitive skin (my poor worn out skin) and claims to soothe and calm the skin with its cucumber extracts. I have become an instant fan of their paper masks because they flow with my lifestyle! Simplicity and minimalism. This “Yes to” paper masks is made with 96% natural ingredients. That’s a lot of natural goodness giving back to my sensitive skin!

A week later, I used another “Yes to” paper mask from their Coconut collection.(to the left of the image) I need good hydration no matter what. So I was confident that this one would do just the thing! “Yest to” Coconut Hydrate & Restore, provides intense hydration! Enough moisture to make my dry skin areas and my whole face glow with a healthy complexion! (have I used enough exclamation marks yet? lol)

I love his mask the most now that I’ve tried it, because it has given me soft non-dry skin all week! My skin has been looking great after using these two powerful paper masks and I totally recommend getting these and checking their vast skincare products too!

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